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Welcome to Warriors Sports home to the best children’s learn to swim lessons in Dubai hosting a full rage of aquatic sports and activities across Dubai including Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming lessons.

What we do!

We are a team of dedicated Dubai based water enthusiasts specializing in kids swimming lessons for all ages and abilities with our kids learn to swim programs, aqua babies, baby swimming lessons, parent and baby classes, aqua tots, little swimmers, stroke development, squad training, adult swim lessons, kids water polo classes, teen water polo lessons, kids synchronized swimming lessons, kids scuba diving courses and much more!
Our After school activities in Dubai cover a full range of kids water sports lessons providing professional expertise and training making Warriors Sports the only academy in the UAE of its kind.

Swimming Warriors

Warriors Sports Swimming

Is a Dubai based swimming academy offering children’s swim classes in either small groups or as private swimming lessons in the comfort of your own home. We offer group adult swim classes and parent and child lessons making swimming warriors a complete versatile swim school in Dubai from 3 months old – 103 years old!

Water Polo Warriors

Warriors Sports Water polo

We are a kids water polo academy founded in Dubai offering programs for children as young as 6 years old. Water Polo Warriors provides an extremely high standard of training by professional water polo players who are passionate about teaching and developing the sport in the UAE.

Join the Team

Warriors Sports Join the team

All of our instructors and coaches are extremely passionate about teaching, and have been carefully selected for their exceptional teaching ability and for their wealth of knowledge.
If you're interested please send your CV and Cover letter to info@warriorssportsuae.com

Swimming Programs

Since swimming lessons are a vital part of a young child’s development, Swimming Warriors offers swim lessons for babies, toddlers, juniors, teens, stroke improvement classes for more advanced swimmers, and a full range of instruction for adults.

Aqua Babies, Aqua Tots &Little Swimmers

This is our starting program for infants; we help to warriors sports swimming levelsintroduce your little one to the water for the first time, reducing their fear and the potential of tears. Focusing on water survival, babies are taught these skills through a structured program of games and fun. Using our parent assisted approach; we will work with you and show you how to swim safely with your child using popular nursery rhyme songs making learning so much fun for everyone!

- Aqua Babies – Age  3 m – 1 yrs

- Aqua Tots – Ages  13 m – 2.5 yrs

- Little Swimmers – Ages    2.5 – 3.5 yrs

Sea Turtles - Level 1


- Gaining confidence in the warriors sports Swimming Level1water, jumping & holding breath under water and diving up to 90 Cm depth, floating and basics of freestyle kicking on deck.

Star Fish – Level 2


- Introducing Skills: In thiswarriors sports swimming levels2 group, children focus on preparing for swim stroke classes by learning the basics of face-in breathing and being able to demonstrate opulsion techniques.

Sea Horse - Level 3


- Swimming Skills: Swimmers focus on the correct arm,warriors sports swimming level3 leg and breathing coordination for two strokes: Freestyle and Backstroke.

Frogs – Level 4


- With developing floating on warriors sports swimming Level 4their back, freestyle kicking with and without support, and alternative freestyle stroking without breath.

Dolphins - Level 5


- Advanced Swimmingwarriors sports level5 Skills: in addition to learning the basics of Breaststrokes and flip in the water and JUMP START sitting, Swimmers refine their stroke and breathing techniques for Freestyle and Backstrokes, Swimming with fins and doing stream lines, swimming for distances running to 100 Meters without breaks as well as increasing stamina in all previous strokes.

Stingray - Level 6


- Pre-Team Swimmers:warriors sports swimming level6
Students are getting prepared for future swim team participation with attention on drills, starts and turns, individual medleys and increasing speed and stamina in the water, with learning Basics of Butterfly strokes.
Along with freestyle for 100 Meters, streamlined breaststroke kicks for 100 Meters, butterfly kicks with board, START JUMPS from the edge and FLIP TURNS.

Sharks - Level 7


- This group has thewarriors sports swimming level7 superstars of our program! Coached by experienced instructors, students improve their individual technique. Swimming regularly to further increase distance, stamina and speed, this fun league develops competition and team building.
Dolphin kicks on stomach and back, Swim up to 200 Meters distance without breaks, managing swimming with hand paddles and submerge under water for 25 meters distance and doing professional START JUMPS.



18 years and older: Beginners towarriors sports adult swimming experienced Small groups & personalized attention focused on the areas you need the most.Apart from the safety aspect,swimming is a great form of exercise with heart healthy benefits and no damaging impact on your joints

Warriors Sports


Call us at +971 55 880 3040 or Email us at info@warriorssportsuae.com